Christenings (whether for a child or adult) can happen either in a service or separately. In an ideal world they happen within the main church service as it is supposed to welcome the newly baptised person into the family of the church. However, we do realise that ideal situations can't always be engineered and we will do our utmost to accommodate your christening at a time to suit you if needs be. There is no charge for a christening service.  

You can find out more about what to expect at a christening at the Church of England Christenings website.

To start organising your child's christening please download our form and return it to our administrator at the address found on the form. You may put down a preferred date and time (making it clear that this is a request), but please do not make any other arrangements until a priest has confirmed that he/she is available to conduct the service. Feel free to contact our Administrator by email using the contact form if you wish to discuss the availability of a date or anything else.

If you wish to be christened as an adult you are best to discuss this directly with the priest as some aspects of a child's christening are inappropriate for an adult.

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