Lego Lent


by Naomi Elliott


In 2020, I created a daily Lego Lent challenge on Facebook - each day of Lent (except Sundays) I presented a new build challenge and anyone who wanted to could build something in response. If they wanted to they could read through the short blurb attached to the image which tied the challenge into the story of Holy Week but there was no pressure to do so. If they wanted to they could share a picture of their build in the comments below the challenge post but again there was no pressure to do so.

I presented each challenge with a Lego number showing the day of Lent we were on and wrote the challenge as a caption for that picture. The creations people shared were wonderfully varied, included cars and a hot air balloon by one keen dad for the first challenge.


For 2021:-

START Monday 15th March.

This is a 3 week interactive challenge (keeping Sundays a rest day) engaging with the events of Holy Week. Each day simply post the image with the caption in the right order, and invite people to share pictures of their creations under each challenge! You should reach Day 18 on April 3rd, the Saturday before Easter Sunday.